Magnetic Paperlike iPad Pro 11 12.9 M1 Air 4 Switcheasy SwitchPaper


Ketersediaan : Tersedia

Rp 395.000


Screen Protector untuk iPad Pro 11", 12.9" 2021 dan iPad Air 4 10.9" (harap pilih ukuran dan tipe di varian).

Ukuran 11" bisa untuk 2021 - 2018 dan bisa untuk iPad Air 4 10.9"
UKuran 12.9" bisa untuk 2021 - 2018

Tersedia 2 pilihan, SwitchPaper dan SwitchPaper 2 in 1, perbedaaanya yang 2 in 1 mendapatkan 1 buah anti gores bening biasa untuk di pasang terlebih dahulu ke iPad nya.

SwitchPaper nya, memiliki magnet, sehingga bisa di lepas pasang lagi pada saat membutuhkan.

- Designed for Reuse: Features a brand new magnetic detachable design; easy to install and detach; capable of reuse over 20,000 times; works well with glass screen protector; anti-fingerprint and waterproof; washable
- Ultimate Drawing Experience: Made of premium material imported from Japan; Has a much evener surface texture, bringing smooth pencil touches without slipping and breaking; Just like drawing on paper
- Clearer for True Display: Light transmittance reaches over 90%; compared with previous products, the fogginess has decreased by 45%, and the color fidelity has increased by 25%; anti-glare, scratch-resistant
- Storage Folder Included: Take the screen protector off when you are not in need of it and put it in the folder for safe keeping; easy to store and easy to carry