Silikon Case MagSafe Charger Silicone Casing


Ketersediaan : Tersedia

Rp 45.000


Case untuk MagSafe charger (pilih warna di varian produk)

Ini hanya case saja, TIDAK termasuk magsafe (wireless charger) dan iPhone.

Bahannya terbuat dari silikon lembut, mudah dipasang dan awet. Melindungi dari goresan dan benturan.

- This charger case compatible with magsafe charger only.
- Made of premium soft silicone, thin and light-weight, soft touch feeling and case won't deformed, protects charger from scratches and dust, offers maximum protection and extra durability.
- Not only dressed it luxury skin, but also protected the main body of the charger from scratches, greasy or abrasion. Does not affect heat dissipation.
- Case made of soft silicone, thin and lightweight, easy to install and remove, a perfect companion for daily life and travel.